Overcoming the challenges of implementing global master data governance
DDD Back

Are you struggling to get your asset master data to work for your company? Is your company immersed in The Dirty Data Delusion™? What is The Dirty Data Delusion™? you ask?

We created The Pristine Plant Process™ for ambitious and forward-thinking companies. This advanced three-stage process helps you reduce your risks and increase your profits by using pristine data to manage your assets. It also helps you avoid The Dirty Data Delusion™.

It is easy to recognize! You might be in The Dirty Data Delusion™. if you have ever heard comments like:

  • "We have been running for 40 years and the data we have is fine!"
  • "When was that installed?"
  • "Why don’t we have spare parts for it?"
  • "We need to expedite two of those parts, install one and put the other on the shelf in the warehouse
  • "There's too much inventory in the warehouse so if not used for two years throw it out!
  • "There were parts in the back room of the maintenance shop, why were they not in the warehouse?
  • "Do whatever it takes to get the plant up again!"
  • "Why are all of our pumps failing at the same time?"
  • "Why are we not doing the scheduled PM’s?"

I am sure you have some similar stories where the reactive statements are self-fulfilling and you have been sucked into a never-ending spiral where the longer you stay in The Dirty Data Delusion™. the more it continues to deteriorate your profits.

The way we get out of The Dirty Data Delusion™. is to start creating a pathway on ...