Overcoming flavor of the month and failed attempts to fix your master data? How to avoid being stuck in
  • Have knee jerk reactions caused you to attempt to fix your master data without success and it ends up being a flavor of the month? Then you might be trapped in
  • The Pig Pen Paradox™?
The Pig Pen Paradox™
PiPePa Back

We all have lived with dirty data for so long, we are happy to keep rolling in the mud. Living this way for years we are happy working hard, digging in the dirt looking finding rooting around for solutions. We will do whatever it takes to get the job done, regardless of the stress and time.

When things get too messy, and we are unable to dig for a solution. Our ways are outdated and after much consulting it is decided that we need new approach.

It is recommended that we build a new fence around the pen, and it looks great.

Still nothing has changed just a new look around the old problem and soon we find we still cannot find a solution.

Then we have another consultant come to look at the problem and they say we need to wash the dirt off the pigs. So, we cleanse everything with a fire hose and the pigs look great. Soon after the project is done, we go back to our old habits. We cannot resist finding quick solutions and need to get back to work digging down to get the job done.

Once again, we are back to living in the muck which is now even thicker due to all the water used to clean the pigs.

Don’t let the Pig Pen Paradox™ keep you in The Dirty Data Delusion™; where we hear, “all is fine”, “we have run this way for decades,” or, “ this problem is too big and expensive to fix!”